Can I Fake Alexa Rank, How to Enhance My Alexa Ranking?

You most likely found this article because you were thinking if you can fake your Alexa Ranking? So you decided to search for information on How to Fake Alexa. I am going to tip you on finding out how to make your Alexa rank higher.

Right now I am going to show you how to fake Alexa. Next time you say to yourself, “How Can I Fake My Alexa Ranking?” You will know the answer! I’ll show you how to fake your Alexa rank so you can quickly get a low Alexa rank for your new site even though most people think that is not possible.
Let me clear something up right away… I cannot actually fake my Alexa rank and you can’t fake your Alexa rank either. But there are definitely some things you can do to boost it. This isn’t exactly how to fake Alexa but it is as close as you can get.

To give yourself a nice boost in Alexa rank, one thing you can do is write a post about how to fake Alexa. Yes, that is exactly what I am doing right now!
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Can I fake my Alexa Rank? No, I can’t.

At least to my knowledge there are no methods on How to Fake Alexa. There are no real ways to fake Alexa so you will just have to live with that fact. But you can easily increase your Alexa rank by doing some things such as what I am doing right now.

This is the best method I have found for lowering your Alexa rank as quickly as possible. Like I said before, I am going to keep using keyword phrases related How To Fake Alexa so I can get this post ranked as highly as possible and lower my Alexa rank from all the traffic I get from internet marketers, webmasters, and bloggers.

Doing this will attract the attention of people who know what Alexa is, such as; internet marketers, bloggers, and webmasters. They will come here trying to figure out how I can fake my Alexa rank and hopefully learn how to fake Alexa themselves. And that’s perfect because these are the people I want to come here because they are the ones who will probably have the Alexa toolbar installed.

If you aren’t even sure what Alexa rank is, the simplest way to define it is that the Alexa rank is a ranking system that bases its ranking on the amount of traffic a website receives from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed. The Alexa ranking tends to be highly skewed towards websites that get most of their traffic from internet marketers, webmasters, bloggers, and other technical people. This is because these people are much more likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed than your average internet user.

Your Alexa rank is used by internet marketers, webmasters, and potential advertisers as one of the factors in determining the value of your website. Simply put, the value of a link on your website, an ad on your site, or the monetary value of your site as a whole is very much related to your Alexa rank.

So you definitely want to have a good Alexa rank. And like I mentioned before, the best way to fake Alexa rank is to get tons of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser to visit your website.
By attracting internet marketers and other web savvy people who have the Alexa toolbar installed, you will be able to increase your own Alexa rank. That’s exactly how I will be able to bring my Alexa ranking way down by making a post like this. Because when internet marketers come to see if I really do know how to fake Alexa rank, they will be helping me lower my own Alexa ranking.

To be honest, the ability to attract as many Alexa toolbar users here to the free home business tips blog as possible will artificially enhance my Alexa ranking and that is really how I can fake my Alexa rank.

One other great strategy that I can give you on how to fake Alexa is to simply install the toolbar on your own browser and set your website as your start up home page. And visit your own site as much as possible. Yes, your visits do count toward your Alexa rank. Every little bit helps.