Designing a Perfect Website for Your Client

Designing a website is never an easy task. It requires a lot of effort and creativity on designer’s part so that he can come up with a design, which is exceptional. Websites are a different medium of communication as compared to brochures, flyers, business cards or post cards etc. When a client approaches you to design a website for their product, they obviously want something outstanding.

The design of a website should be attractive and it should instantly grab the attention of the visitor. Seeking attention of the visitor is important however, sustaining a visitor on your website is more important and a well designed website will do it.

In today’s world, creating a website is not at all difficult. The access to the tools of creating a website is easily available and anyone can get them and learn how to design a website. Obviously, a professional designer will not get the page built but he will also make sure that websites works perfectly.

As a web design company, you will have to keep a lot of important aspects in mind so that nothing goes wrong with the website. The design, theme, colors, content… and the list goes on. The important thing is that the entire look of the website should be pleasing to the visitor’s eye.

If a client is pleased with your web design work, chances are you’ll be hired on for other design projects like creating print layouts for brochures and sell sheets.

Looking for perfection?

Before you start designing a website, you must keep in mind that attaining perfection is not at all an easy task. In fact, some people say that it does not exist and you can only get better with the passage of time. This is quite right in a way, but the key is to make your website as perfect as possible.

While designing a website for your client, always keep in mind that you will be creating an image for their brand online, and so you will have to be extremely careful with the design. People do tend to ignore small details which are unacceptable if you really want to design a perfect website. You will have to concentrate on every little thing, get into minor details to get things perfect for your client.

Client’s Input – Important

It is quite understandable if you consider yourself a perfect designer and you can create almost anything and everything as far as it is related to the web industry. However, if you really want to satisfy your client, the best thing you can do is have a meeting with them so that you can share your point of view and learn about your client’s perception and expectations regarding their website.

Always keep in mind that every client will have different expectations and objectives for their particular website and it is necessary for you to understand what they really want.

Once you will learn about client’s requirements, you can start working on the website’s design. Another advantage of meeting with your client is that it will remove any sort of confusions and eventually there will be less mistakes or misunderstandings once the website has been created.

If you do not get your client involved in the web designing project from day one, it could result into an unsatisfactory product and all of your effort will go to waste. Added onto this, you will have an unhappy client which you do not want.

Planning – Equally Important

Well, once you are aware of your client’s requirements, another important thing is planning.
You should be really clear about what is required and what is not. Lets suppose, your clients wants an animated website.
You will have to make a plan as to what you can use to animate objects.
Similarly, if your client wants a simple website, you will have to plan things accordingly.
To be precise, before you start off with anything, brainstorming for a perfect design is very important. Mixing and matching of different colors does not help you create a perfect website design.
There is a lot more to it.


As I have mentioned many times earlier in my post that color choice is a crucial for every point of communication and web site is one of the most important source of communicating your ideology and the basic concept of your business online.

Sometimes you may be designing a site for an existing business that already has an established color scheme or what we call ‘corporate colors’ and in that case you will have no problem at all in putting that particular color or colors in the website.

However, many design projects will require the development of a color scheme.

Luckily, there are almost endless resources and tools online to help you find that perfect color combination for your client’s website. You can easily make use of them and amaze your client with your color geniuses.

Target Audience

It is quite obvious that every website has a target audience and you should be aware of it so that you can design things accordingly.

Keeping the target audience in mind will help you a lot in making a perfect website for your client. For instance, if you are making a website for some ladies product such as handbags or shoes, you will use colors such as pink or other feminine colors so that you can attract your target audience easily.

If you want things to be more perfect do a good research on your target market and then design your website accordingly.

Appearance and Functionality

So, when it comes to website designing, there are two most important things.

One is the appearance and other one is functionality of the website. To be honest, you cannot compromise on any of them.

However, for some clients appearance is way too important but one should always keep in that functionality is something which is going to make the visitor stay on your website. Your website should work even if it does not look that pretty. This too depends on what your clients need.

Do ask him if he wants exceptional visuals or complete functionality.

If you have managed to bring both into a website, you have successfully created a perfect website for your client.


As a graphic designer, you are expected to create a perfect layout for a website.

While creating a layout for a website, exhibit your best creativity. Also, you should always keep in mind that website should always look original so avoid taking ideas from different website.

Being original will help you create a perfect website. You should always keep in mind the amount of content to be used in the website so that you can design the entire layout accordingly.

While designing layout, try to avoid distractions such as loud music or some annoying animations.

Also, minimize the space for ads as they annoy the visitors mostly. Image backgrounds are a big NO when it comes to designing a website.

Keep it simple.


These days, with a lot of effort you have to put in a lot of money as well to come up with something exceptionally well. The design of your website depends a lot on the estimated budget of your client. You need to discuss the budget with your client as you should know how much they are willing to spend on it.

Once you have an idea of the budget, you can the start designing the website within the available resources.

Obviously more money means more resources and more resources will help you create a better project for your client.


A website plays a very important role in the image-building, marketing and brand awareness of any business.

If a client trusts you with his website, it means he trusts you with his business.

Designing a perfect website is obviously not easy as it requires a lot of planning, budgeting and other stuff.

What it requires most is your sincere efforts so that you design a website for your client which can help them enhance their business.

If this happens, you will know that you have successfully completed your job.